7 Busy in Life Signs and How to Be More Relax

Are you busy in life? How can you know? There are signs that let you know how busy you are right now and that you need to do something to be happier in this busy life. If you see yourself when you read the signs below, you need to keep reading to find some ways that can bring more happiness to your life.

Signs That Have Been Too Busy in Life

Busy in doing good things is cool. But if you are exhausted and have no time to care for yourself, you need to set up the new priority and refresh your life. Check out these signs and see how busy you have been and what you need to do to make it less busy.

1. You believe everything is important

If the smallest details seem important for you, like the little frills on your dress or the look of your homemade cookies or you want to impress your best friend who is coming from another town, you are actually losing your ability to know which one is truly important and which one is looking important.

You have been busy thinking what you shouldn’t think. It isn’t good since you may forget to focus on what really matters and get distracted to do the unimportant things. The result will be exhaustion and depression since you couldn’t do what you have to do.

2. Your workspace or home is a disaster

In my house the sign will be lots of cables on the kitchen table and clothes on the bed. If you can’t find a surface to place stuff or everything looks messy, you have been really busy and have forgotten some important tasks to do.

It is time to write down what things are really important for you and make a schedule. Make sure there is enough time for the essentials, the true essential things. Then follow that schedule to keep everything in place.

3. You don’t care about yourself, your body, and what makes you happy

This is extremely dangerous. When you start forgetting the regular exercise routine, or the healthy diet to get quick meals, or your favorite things to do, you are actually forgetting who you really are. You have been too focused on the other things but you don’t do those things with love.

Loving yourself is highly crucial. If you could love yourself and care for yourself properly, you will be able to do the other things happily, not only because you have to do it. If you can enjoy the things you do, you will be much happier between the challenges and busy in life.

4. You spend too much time moving from a social media platform to another

Some people avoid touching their social media during the busy seasons. But some others check out their social media to escape from this busy world and its craziness. Unfortunately, the short escape turns into hours, leaving the other busyness behind and no tasks are completed.

To outsmart this unbalanced life, you need to have an intention to open your social media only for a few minutes a day. Set an alarm before you open any social media platform. When the alarm tells you to stop, quit the platform immediately.

5. You cannot handle emotions

When irritability starts creeping into you and you spill it over your loved ones, you know you have been too busy. When things get worse and you lose control of your priorities, it is hard to be rational and calm. Unfortunately, the innocent ones will be the victim.

Always focus on your priorities. Do the most important things first and let the less important awaits. Tell yourself you can do it on time and let your heart know nothing to worry about. By controlling yourself and the emotions inside, you can control the other things outside.

6. There is bitterness and resentment in your heart

Bitterness and resentment comes to your heart when you fail in your decision making, or when you say yes too many things. How come you hate the others when it is you who let them burden you and make you feel that bad?

Be bold in saying no to what you know you can do. It lets some other people down but you save your shoulder from too many loads and your heart from the bitterness. Busy in life doing what you hate is not healthy for you.

7. When the non-essentials start taking over your life

When it is hard for you to focus on doing one important thing, you already let the non-essentials take over your focus and your top priority. If you know what small things make you lose focus, stop thinking about them and bring your mind back to your priority.

Be Less Busy and Get More Joy

There are things you can do to gain more joy and happiness in this busy life. These are some of them:

1. Make some time for healthy relationships

Your relationship quality correlates with your happiness senses. When you are too busy in this life, you will forget to do some things that remind you of something more meaningful like interaction with your loved ones and spending your time with the closest friends.

It is worth the time you will spend with your closest circle. A simple quick meal will be enough. Sacrificing the working lunch in order to experience a better life outside the office can be a nice escape from the busyness of your life.

2. Put resting in one of your top priorities

You will be more ready to face all challenges and busy in life if you’ve got enough rest and not are exhausted. If you start feeling exhausted you need to start taking care of yourself. Always spare time for a nap, practicing deep breathing, or meditating.

Some yoga poses can help you shut off your mind and fall asleep much sooner at nights. Try practicing those poses, get better rest, and prepare yourself to face all the challenges that are waiting for you in the morning.