Collect Memories to Be Happier and Get Meaningful Life

People are free to collect whatever they want. But instead of things, have you ever considered collecting something else that is more precious? It is a memory. I figured out how important it is when I lost all the photos of the good old days and had to collect memories from the beginning again.

Collecting things makes you happy. But those things fulfill your home. Then you think you’ll need a bigger home to accommodate them all. Or you may have to put them all in the warehouse. Memories are different. There are many reasons why you better start collecting memories rather than things.

Collect Memories and Experience for a More Fun Life

There are a thousand ways to start collecting precious experiences and memories. You can go travel to many new destinations, start creating paintings, go volunteering, or do whatever else you desire. As for me, it would be a staycation to many unique places. Why do you have to consider collecting memories?

1. Moments are way more priceless than things

When we buy something, we will put values on them. But how are you going to put the numerical value to your memories and experiences? Even though you go back to the same place again, or do the same thing again, it will be totally different. Each moment has its own value that no one can buy.

2. Looking forward to moment and experience is much more fun

When you order that brand new gadget you will feel extremely excited. Then that excitement will turn into the impatience feeling as you are waiting for your order to reach home. You will also feel excited when you are waiting to experience something such as vacation.

The difference comes from the anticipation that also comes with pleasant feelings. For example if you have booked the trip in advance, the excitement and pleasant feelings you feel will get bigger and bigger as the departure date gets closer.

3. Experiences will help you learn more about yourself

Solo trips and even a simple walk through the nature trail will give you the most precious time you can get. During this time you will be able to be more self-aware and reflect. Experiences let you to learn about the authentic self of you. You’ll learn many things like what you don’t like and what you really love.

Nature and your new experiences will teach you how you can face your fears and conquer them. Besides, experiences can also test you sometimes and show you what things that you can accomplish after the tests.

For example if you explore the country where the people don’t speak your language, the new experiences are going to help you to be much more patient. Bungee jumping or rock climbing will also help you conquer the fear of heights.

4. Create everlasting stories by collecting experiences and memories

Which one do you prefer? Listening to someone telling you about what they purchased or about their adventures and travels? Listening to people telling you what they have bought won’t make you happy. But the experiences, even though they’re not yours, will make you feel the joy.

Your memories will be great stories as well, even though at that time it feels not enjoyable. For example, you may feel bad when the rain comes down the first day you reach in your destination. But it is okay, keep exploring and years later you will recall that moment and smile.

5. Collect memories that help you connect with the others

When you decide to buy experiences, you actually allow yourself to create a new social connection with some brand new people. When you start traveling you will see how much easier it is to make a bond with the local people or even some other tourists simply by engaging yourself in a conversation.

Even attending a concert will help you build new connections. You know you’re standing close to those people who have the same music taste. It is easier to start a conversation with them. Even if you don’t talk to them, you’ll still feel happier.

6. Memories will always make you happy

Seeing material things constantly will create boredom. You may be extremely excited when you decide to buy them at first. But as time flies, you start getting bored to the old things and wanting the new items. Experiences don’t work that way.

Memories from the experiences and moments you have collected years ago are still able to make you smile every time you remember them and tell them to the others. Though you collect memories a thousand more times, the old ones will stay in your mind to put happiness in your heart.

7. Every single experience is a unique moment to collect

So you have bought that Prada clutch that looks like the real one. And then you figure out that one of your friends has the same one but it is the real Prada clutch. The happiness you felt will suddenly disappear. Unlike those items, every experience is unique to every individual who experiences it.

Even the experience you get by visiting the same place twice will give you two different experiences. No matter where your best friends spend their vacation, the place you visit will leave happiness in your heart that won’t disappear just because your friends visit a much better place.

8. Moments will be part of your identity

What you do is what you are. So your identity is not affected by the items you show in your living room. Whether it is learning some new languages, climbing mountains, or run marathons, those things are who you are. People may know you as the smart, the climber, or the runner.

The eight reasons above should have been enough for you to change the way you collect. Just try to collect memories and you’ll figure out it is much more exciting than collecting items. Once you try, you’ll want more and you’ll keep collecting precious moments and experiences. So start immediately.