Do Things Different to Re-Energize Yourself in Daily Routine

Having a routine will help your daily life more well-organized. However, sometimes it is important to do things different to help you avoid boredom. Making small changes on your daily basis not only can bring a big impact on yourself but also give you an opportunity to go off the comfort zone and learn new things.

You don’t have to perform huge different actions to make your everyday life more interesting and fun. There are many small things that work the best and create good results for yourself in the long term. If you need something new, here you can find try different things from the currently comfortable state you are living in.

8 Things to Do for Different Daily Life

Below small changes that you can try on a daily basis to experience something new and interesting.

1. Change Your Seat

If you sit in your current positions for so long, you will see the same view every day and it may lead you to feel bored. It’s time to try to enjoy the different views and try by changing the seating position.

If you face the wall whilst doing your works, now you can move a bit to the window so you can get an outside view from your table.

The same way happens when you often eat in the same position. You can try different sit or just simply moving in the opposite direction of the table to get a different view.

2. Get New Arrangement of Your Stuff

Another effective to do things different is by rearranging your stuff. For something new, you don’t always need something new or expensive. Instead, changing the arrangement work well. For instance, you can circulate the picture arrangement in your house so you can get a fresh look at the walls.

In your working space, you can arrange stuff place such as by arranging the books in a different way or placing the displays on the different side of the room. Although just a simple thing, this can invite new energy where you spend most of your time.

3. Take a Different Route

We commonly have a favorite route to use because it might be the quickest to reach your office. Although this can save your time, sometimes you can try another route to have a different experience. Just once in a while, it’s enough to refresh your daily driving routine.

If it is possible, perhaps you can use a different route when going to the office and returning home. It might be something small but this is known to affect positively the brain activity.

4. Declutter Your Home

Too much stuff in our homes often gives a crowded feeling. Clutters seem to be a problem for the majority of people. Even some of them then realize they don’t really need all those stuff. If you start feeling that stuff in your home is a bit too much, perhaps you can refresh your home by decluttering them.

Remove things you don’t really need, give them to those who are needier. Otherwise, sell them and save the money for more important things.

5. Use Another Hand

We use our right hand a lot every day for performing many things. It is not good if you use one hand for heavy activities for a long time. Do things different with another hand although it is just for small things because it helps to balance both of them.

Changing to write with the left hand seems to be difficult in a short time. Thus, you can start to use another hand for simple things like opening the door with it or tidying your table with that hand.

6. Experience Different Lunch

Maybe, it’s already become your habit to have lunch in your office cafeteria or enjoying the packed ones you bring from home whilst continuing your works on your office table. Appreciate yourself in the middle of your works by enjoying different lunch experiences. This will help to boost mood for your next works.

Going to the nearest restaurant can be a great idea. But, if you need some fresh air, you can try having lunch at the closest park to your office. Having a stroll momentarily during break and enjoy the meals outside both refreshes your body and mind.

7. Rearrange Your Clothes

Arranging the clothes in the same place will help you easier in finding them anytime you want to wear particular pieces. To get experience something different, change the way you arrange the clothes. For instance, you can move the T-shirts to the place where you normally put the trousers.

Otherwise, you can try a new method in storing clothes, like applying the Konmari method so that they will be more organized than before. You can arrange the socks and undergarments in small folds and put them inside the box. This works the bests if you have many socks.

8. Exercise Regularly

Get exhausted easily since you have busy activities to do every day. This not only can make you burn out but also feel bored. When you feel your body get tired easily, it’s a sign that it requires more exercise. You can do things different by including exercise in your daily routine.

If you have a tight schedule, you can allocate time either once or twice a week to exercise at the gym. But, it’s not the only option because you can do exercise at home too. Just take between 15 to 30 minutes a day to perform exercise movement this is effective enough to keep your body fit.

If you cannot do the exercise every day, just don’t skip the exercise for more than three days. Even having 15 minutes of walk before you off to work or begin your daily activities will refresh your body.

Having all the things set in their place maybe will make our daily basis run smoothly since you already can expect what to do. However, getting all things too sets often traps you in boring routines which may lead to some problems. That’s why you need to do things different for experiencing something new.

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