Feeling Heavy Hearted? 7 Steps to Light It Up

Our mind and heart work hard every day but the heart works harder than the mind. Our heart is able to hold joy and love and some other feelings like sadness, guilt, worry, and pain. If you feel everything at once, you are going to start feeling heavy hearted.

If you still have energy for that feeling, you may ask many questions like “why do I feel so sad?” “Can I go through this?” “When will this feeling get better?” “What things can I do to be free from this feeling?” You can’t answer those questions. But there are ways to lift whatever burdens your heart and find happiness.

7 Things That Heal You from Feeling Heavy Hearted

When you shut down your heart and refuse any other feeling, you will also reject the good feelings. You actually choose to enjoy the pain instead of endure the pain. And it isn’t a healthy decision. There are healthier things you can do and make your heart feel lighter and much better.

1. Express everything out

Expression is the number one solution for what you feel right now. It is like throwing out all the loads that hold your hot air balloon to fly higher. Express the sadness, grief, or pain you feel on a paper. When your heart gets heavier, you will refuse to see anyone and paper will be your new best friend.

Writing down everything you feel will let you know where the feeling comes from. Keep that paper or burn it or do whatever you want with it. Your heart is going to see a little joy. But expressing your feeling is just the beginning of the heart healing process. You need to take some other steps listed below.

2. Find hope to keep you strong

Like an anchor, hope is going to help you stand firm in the storm of life. What hope do you have? There are always blessings in every painful time and even tragedy. Look back to the time when you experienced the worst and the blessings you got after that tragedy.

This is going to let your heart know that there is hope. There will be a way out that sets you free from this feeling. No matter what struggle you face today, make yourself believe that there is blessing waiting for you if you endure just a little bit more time.

3. Patience will heal the heavy heart

You have no idea how long the cold will stay after the storm. Just be patient until the sun comes up and make everything warmer. Even though the tragedy happened months ago, you may still feel bad or sad. It is okay, your heart needs a little more time to heal itself.

While waiting for the sun to come up, you can try making yourself warmer. Think of happy memories that will give you a warm embrace. If happy memories can’t free you from the sadness, do something fun that can make you smile. Watch a comedy movie for example.

4. Contribution can lighten the feeling heavy hearted

Though it sounds classic, giving can make you feel much better. You will be happier when you see others smile. Give something you can give like your talent or time or anything else. Your intention must be to relieve the others’ pain.

Why should I give when I need help? When you feel bad and you see someone else is in worse condition, and then you can help, you will know that you are not alone and you are in a better condition. Giving compliments can help as well. Smiles are contagious, when you see them smile, you’ll do the same.

5. Open your heart and share what’s in it

Keeping everything in your heart is like piling explosive materials in your warehouse. It is dangerous and it can suddenly explode. Call your true friend. She will be there, doing nothing but listening to what you say and cry as your tears come down.

When you are done throwing out everything that burdens your heart, it will be better. Then if your best buddy has the same experience and she has beaten that problem, your heart will feel a little joy, a hope that makes you believe that you too can fight and win the feeling.

6. Show love to yourself and heart

Once your heart starts feeling heavy, it will tell your mind to neglect your body. You won’t care to sleep well, eat healthy foods, or do things you like. Don’t listen to your heart. Intentional self-care will help lighten up your heart. Play soothing music, take a long hot bath, or do your hobby.

Do some activities that help you heal your energy and beat that feeling heavy hearted such as taking a massage, acupuncture, pedicure, or any other session that helps you restore your well-being and hope. You will realize that it works to lift the heavy heart and bring more joy to your days.

7. Ask help from the nature

What does it mean? Your heavy heart will ask you to stay in your dark room crying all day long. If you are crying enough, you need to step outside. Go get some fresh air, look around the beautiful views, and open your eyes. Opening your eyes will open your heart and mind to find some new perspective.

Nature will teach you about everything. When you see stars in the middle of the night, you will learn that there will be lights and beauty in the darkness. There will be good things in your dark days. Just open your eyes and try your best to find the lights or blessings you can get during the dark times.

The seven keys above are going to open your heavy heart and let the lights in. However, it is never easy to reach your hand out and get the key, but don’t give up. Your struggle will find the answer. You only have to survive, take every step one by one until you feel a little freer from feeling heavy hearted.