5 Best Ways of How to Focus on Yourself And Be Happier

We’re living in the world where people are free to say what they want. Unfortunately, some of their words could make you down. Is it possible to live happily? Yes, as long as you keep focusing on yourself. Everything in this page is going to help you learn how to focus on yourself.

Sure you’ve learned that your life is in your hand. You are free to choose, whether to listen others and try your best to make every single person happy or to make yourself happy no matter what other people feel about it. This sounds like you’re becoming a care-free person. But no, it is something else.

Best Ways to Focus on Yourself and Live More Happily

Focusing on yourself is not like being an I-don’t-care person. Think of this example: you have everything you need to be a flight attendant, you’re smart, pretty, tall, everything. Everyone believes you are going to be the best flight attendant ever. Yet, you are afraid of heights.

You can follow everyone and try to be one of the gorgeous flight attendants while trying to hide your acrophobia which may lead to stress and unhappiness. Or you can choose any job you desire that you can enjoy and reach your own happiness. Can you spot the differences now?

So now, let us see some brilliant ways of how to focus on yourself to reach a happier and more meaningful life.

1. Love yourself before you love the others

Some wise man said ‘how can you love others if you don’t know how to love your own body first.’ Self-love means you show kindness to yourself first, minimize self-talk in negative connotation, and make extra room for some positive self-evaluation.

It is good to set a target or a goal and try hard to be a much better person. However, you must do it the right way. Approach your goal or target from positivity and growth. Don’t hate yourself if you fail at something and don’t flood your mind with dissatisfaction of your achievement.

Motivate yourself by telling your heart you have done your best, thank yourself, and ensure yourself you will learn from any failure and do better. I promise you’ll feel better than blaming yourself.

2. Go try and explore some new things

So you are great in your job and you love that job. It is good, really, especially if your boss loves what you do as well. But being stuck in your routine is not a good thing. Your life is not just about that job. You absolutely need to explore some new things.

Exploring many new things will keep you energized and creative. This will help you be better in that job you love, but also lead you to live a happier and richer life. How to explore the new things? The best way you can try is trying a new hobby like trying a new sport or learning some new languages.

Make sure you focus on that learning or new hobby and your self-improvement that you will get by learning the new things. You’ll feel like you become a brand new person with new energy at the end.

3. Renew your lifestyle to a healthier one

Your health condition affects everything. If your body gets sick you won’t be able to do what you love and you can’t feel that happiness. There are many things that lead you to a healthier and happier life. First, make sure you sleep well and enough. Sleep is not wasting time, it is investment.

Sleep is what you really need to keep a strong body and an energized brain. Reject all invitations, if necessary, to get seven hours to eight hours every night. Second way is adding workout to your daily routine. Choose any workout activity you desire then do it every single day but don’t overdo it.

Finally, eat and drink enough. Water especially is extremely crucial. Always bring enough water everywhere and charge yourself with whole foods instead of processed and packaged foods.

4. Nurture and keep your self-esteem

Here is one important way of how to focus on yourself. You need to feel good about your identity and the life you live. Self-esteem can be boosted by focusing on positive things. Fill your mind with great things you have accomplished in the family, hobby, your community, or work.

Doing so is going to remind yourself that there were things you have achieved and there are many more things you can accomplish. Next thing to nurture the self-esteem you own is by reminding yourself that accomplishment is not everything in your life.

You also have that intrinsic value that goes way beyond the society’s utility and beyond money. You will be able to have that high self-esteem by recognizing that fact.

5. Create and keep your journal with you

One crucial part to focus on yourself is self-reflection. And one easy and effective way to help you self-reflect is by creating and keeping your own journal. This journal will help you notice your emotions pattern, organize the thoughts you have, and feel that you have control of the life direction you own.

If you are not a journalist and have no idea what to write on that journal, get a journal which is completed with prompts. Or you can simply write down everything that pops up on your mind. Keep in mind that this journal is your and for you, not to impress the other readers.

The value of your journal comes from that self-reflection and the process that is enabled by that journal. So make sure you never forget regurgitating your thoughts in that journal.

You Are Ready to Face The World

Now, since you have learned everything about how to focus on yourself, you are ready to take the next step: making time for your loved ones. If you already loved yourself, know how to be better without hurting yourself, you are now ready to show love to the others who need and help them without hurting them.

And if you have been succeeded in enjoying your life without blaming yourself for any failure you have made, you will be ready to face the cruel world and the negative talks it carries.