9 Living Simply Reasons That Lead To True Happiness

Living simply is something that is extremely hard to do in these modern days. But hard doesn’t mean there is no way you can do it. There are good things you’ll achieve if you try your best to live simply. People around you want you to be more efficient, more successful, more, more, and more.

If you follow them and try to make everyone happy, you yourself won’t be happy. Sometimes, what you really need is less. Trying to do more and get more will bring you exhaustion, the feelings of failure, and overwhelm. If you don’t want to be the victim, you need strong reasons to live simply and happily.

9 Firm Reasons of Living Simply

Living a simpler life will bring you good things. What are those and how to get them in life? First of all, you need reasons that make you believe that simpler life is a better life. Here are the entire reasons you need to get started and enjoy the new life.

1. Simpler life brings you acceptance

As you start simplifying your life, you will know you better and you can start seeing the authentic self of you. You will see details about you such as your flaws, your strengths, your faults, and your true beauty. There will be no distraction, clutter, or junk that hides those details of you.

You will be able to accept who you truly are, no matter what people think or say about you or expect you to be. Accepting yourself will lead to reasonable expectations and you won’t force yourself to do things you cannot do. This is definitely going to make you feel better.

2. Live simply and you will free from clutter

Your home and all rooms in it is where you hide from the hard life and the busyness it brings. By living a simpler life, you will feel everything in your house with useful and beautiful things. No useless stuff will create clutter rooms.

By having only useful things at home, there will be no clutter. And no clutter means you have less time to clean and more time to do things you love. Having time to do what you love will sure make you happier. You should start living a simpler life immediately.

3. Simple life help you see more clearly

Clarity is another thing that’s carried by simpler life. Soon as you live the simpler life, you will understand what and who that is really important for you. You will also know what you really need and desire. Then you can decide to make space and spend time to explore only the important things.

4. Living simple life will give you more gratitude

By practicing gratitude daily, you will improve your well-being and health. In these modern days where people always want more, gratitude can’t be found. Practicing gratitude will be much easier if you have a simpler life.

By living simply you will strip away all the inessentials. Then you will be able to see that you have so many things you can thank for. You will start feeling grateful for everything you have instead of flooding your mind and heart with many things you can’t have. This is a great way to get a peaceful mind.

5. Simpler life means healthier life

Pursuing simpler life leads you to get healthier physics. You will be more mindful about what and how much will you eat, how you will care for yourself, and how you are going to move your own body. By simplifying your surroundings, you are actually simplifying your body as well.

There will be less inactivity and less junk but more vitality, whole food, movement, and health. Take the first step by simplifying your home then continue simplifying your lifestyle.

6. Living simple life helps you realize the beauty of life

Simple life will set you free from the ghosts of your past or from the worry about your future. Living a simpler life will make you feel the present and push you to live in the present, learn in the present, and participate more in the present.

You will enjoy playing with your children, talking with your best friends, doing better in your job, and show more love to your partner. Life will be more beautiful when it is simpler.

7. Living simply leads to better relationship

Since there is no past and guilt that can weigh you down or the worries and stuff from the future that scare you out, there will be more space, energy, and also time for a much better relationship. Your relationship with anyone, especially your life partner, will be more beautiful than ever.

8.Simpler life will turn you to a more generous person

The first step in simplifying your life will be removing many things from your home. Giving some good stuff to friends and neighbors is the first step you will take to be a more generous person. Then as you enjoy living a simple life, you will realize that you have many things to give.

When you start loving your simpler life, you will figure out that you are now ready to share your time and even your money. Sharing things and helping others by using your resources is now your new happy source. In the end, simplicity turns you into a super generous person.

9. Live simply and you will feel more joy

Simplicity means happiness. By embracing the simplicity, you will have time for important things that bring joy. You will have much better connections and relationships that also bring joy. There will be little things you can enjoy that make you happy like your kids’ giggles, the flying birds, or beautiful sunsets.

Everything you read above can be yours if only you are willing to take the first hard step of living simply. Removing your old stuff may be hard but tell your heart that they won’t make you happy anymore. Ensure your heart that this is the right thing you must do to find true happiness in life.