13 Meaningful Things to Do Only in 30 Minutes

People said time is money. But the truth is time is precious. Everyone needs to set up their priority and focus on it so they won’t waste every second they need but use it to do meaningful things. We are not living alone in this world and sometimes it means other people will take our time too.

It is okay to say no to the others and use your time to do your things, the meaningful ones. Instead of saying you don’t have time for it or you don’t want to do it because you are running out of your time, tell them it is not your priority. Yep, you have your own priority and that’s what matters.

Meaningful Things That Will Make Your 30 Minutes Precious

So you are busy with job, house tasks, and other things. But do you have time for yourself? Love yourself by allocating 30 minutes each day for yourself. Here are some ideas about how you can spend that precious 30 minutes to lift you up and even to help lift others up without losing your priority.

1. Journaling

You don’t have to be a perfect journalist to write down things about yourself. Writing down about you, your activities, and your memory can be therapeutic. Write everything you desire. Maybe you can start with a paragraph. Then you can write more the next day.

2. Go outside and enjoy the nature

If the weather is nice, you can step outside to your backyard to enjoy the fresh air or get a nice walk to the park. Your routine in the office makes you forget that the real world on the other side of that wall is waiting for you to explore its beauty. Nature can help relax your mind and give you the peace.

3. Power up your energy

Digital devices will make you feel exhausted. If you work with digital devices constantly, you also need a constant time to rest your eyes and brain. One easy thing you can do in 30 minutes is taking a power nap with all digital devices turned off. Your restarted brain will be ready to work again after 30 minutes.

4. Read the best books you love

So your life is full of books about your job or school. Place one of your favorite novels between those books. Spend that precious 30 minutes to reading the good book to refresh your mind. You can sink in that book so make sure you set up your alarm and stop after 30 minutes. Read that again tomorrow.

5. Clean a spot

If cleaning is one of your routines, you may want to do another thing. But no matter what thing you are doing right now, leave 30 minutes a day to declutter only one spot. Thirty minutes can give you a more organized refrigerator, a drawer inside your bedroom, a working desk, your car, or your hall closet.

6. Relax your soul in a meditation

It is okay if you don’t know how to meditate. You only have to download one of the meditation apps on your smartphone and follow the guides. This one of the meaningful things will help you set your mind at ease. You will be able to think clearer and work better after 30 minutes meditating.

7. Watch a podcast

This one is especially perfect for those who love spending time with their gadgets, watching everything served by the internet. Podcasts are truly inspiring and will give you some new and fresh information. Watch podcasts about life or things you love.

8. Try new things you always want to try

For example if you really want to learn Japanese, you should never say ‘I don’t have time to learn.’ Now is your time. Spend your precious 30 minutes learning that new language by taking an online class. If you keep postponing, you will never reach what you desire.

9. Cook something and make your tummy happy

This is for everyone, especially for you who never enter the kitchen. Try an easy recipe first. Take it easy, you have 30 minutes to season your ingredients and turn them into a yummy dish. Then enjoy what you make and appreciate yourself. Don’t be mad if it fails. Just laugh and learn something new from it.

10. Focus on your family

Stop telling your kids you are too busy to play with them. Tell them you will be ready 2 p.m. and can play for 30 minutes. Then do it. Read them their favorite book, play with them, or do the other meaningful things with your kids or pets in that 30 minutes. They will appreciate what you do and you’ll be happier.

11. Show your creative side

Everyone is basically a creative person. If you believe you are not, it is because you never use that creative side. Try to make a DIY photo album, scrapbook, a collage, whatever you want. At first you may think it is terrible. But if you do this routinely you’re going to see how creative you are.

12. Listen to someone who is precious for you

Yep, it is not ‘talk to someone’ but ‘listen to someone’. See your friend and listen to everything they say. When she tells you what she feels, you don’t have the obligation to share an input or advice. She only needs your attention so listen carefully and make her feel better.

13. Create healthier smoothie

Smoothie helps you feel better. Collect smoothie recipes and try to make one smoothie every single day. You will be a smoothie expert soon enough. Besides, this is going to make you healthier. Share your new creation or recipe to share your happiness to the others.

You need efforts to do just one of those meaningful things. It is hard at first but you need to place it in your top priority. If you succeed, you will know how to set your priority and won’t let the others mess up with your time. It will be easier to say no without feeling guilty. Better start now and see how it goes.