6 Ways to Raise Your Standards in 2 Different Sectors

Who doesn’t want to live the best life? Are you living your best life yet? If no, then you need to raise your standards since the current standards you hold are too low. There are three standards you may have to raise. First is your own personal standards. Next is raising your relationship standards.

And the third standards you need to raise are about building your finances and career. Sure there will be some effects that you see and feel once your standards have been raised. However, you need to know what you can do to raise those standards first then you can get ready to face the impact.

Things to Do to Raise Your Standards for Better Life

Let us start with the very first one: raising personal standards. People around you may talk about your negative things like your looks, your accomplishments, your intelligence, or your talents. What they say will enter your head and bring you down. What can you do to fix this?

1. Motivate yourself

Don’t let people’s words enter your head and don’t let yourself repeat what they say. Say something positive to yourself to lift you up. Spend five to ten minutes each morning to talk to your mirror and tell it that you are amazing, capable, and strong.

It is also important to let yourself know that it is okay for you to make some mistakes and take some lessons from it. This will help you feel better and forgive yourself if you do something wrong and some people get mad at you. If you hear bad words later, repeat your positive words to yourself.

2. Make yourself healthier

How can you enjoy a better life if your body isn’t healthy enough? No need to make big changes but try to focus on some small switches. For example if you always skip breakfast, prepare yogurt or overnight oats so that you can enjoy breakfast the next morning.

Or you can fill half of the dinner plate with lots of veggies in order to reduce the unhealthy foods. No matter what new eating habit you are trying to get, place quotes or notes around your workspace and kitchen that will remind you about the importance of healthy eating in creating a better life.

3. Combine new and old habits together

I know it is hard to start and keep new habits. One excellent way to keep your new habit is by combining it with the old habit. For example if you always go to work with a car, combine it with brisk walk for 15 minutes every time you are out of the car once you are home.

Or instead of sitting on the couch, you can watch the TV shows while you do calisthenics. If you do your old habit routinely, you will also do the new habit consistently. And by time you will figure out that you have a new habit. This is going to bring you to a much better and healthier life.

There will be some impacts you will feel by raising personal standards. For example, you may lose some friends if you keep rejecting unhealthy dinner invitations. Or people may think you’re a selfish person by rejecting their negative comments. But the positive effect is you will be much healthier and happier.

Ways to Raise Your Standards in Relationships

Whether you focus on romantic relationships or good friendship, you need to recheck your standards. Follow some steps below to set better standards for a better relationship.

1. Decide your expectations for your romantic relationship

It is okay to decide not to have a partner if you cannot find someone who can love and treat you the way you love and treat. Create a list of what you want from your partner and some things that you can’t tolerate. Now you must follow your own standards.

If your partner does something that you couldn’t tolerate, like lying or criticizing the looks you have, you can end that relationship. This may sound extreme but it is the way you make yourself happier. You may end up single but it is much better than having a toxic relationship.

2. Build a good friendship with the right friends

Believe it or not this step is harder than the first one above. Some best friends may be closer to you than your own family. But if they only take advantage of yourself or they always treat you badly, you definitely need some new friends. Think about ideal friendships based on real or fictional friendships.

Now write down you’re the list of healthy friendships you should have. It is okay if you want to have friends that would love to be there when you need support and help. It is also legal to find friends that are going to cheer you on instead of dragging you down.

3. Determine how your family should treat you

This is another hard thing to do. But it is important especially if your family keeps bringing you down. First of all, you need to think about how close the relationship you want with your family is. Then you need to talk to them. Tell them everything that could make you feel better and happier.

For example you can let your family know that you need to have a part in a discussion, to speak up your opinions whether it will be accepted or not. Or you can tell your family that criticizing the mistakes you make makes you feel bad and useless. This should give you a better family life.

Sure, there will be some effects too. Higher standards in romantic relationships may make you look too picky. But it is better than feeling bad for the rest of your life. You may have to cut your friendships and find some better friends which hurt your old friends. But you need it to be a better person.

Don’t hesitate and don’t be scared to raise your standards whether personal standards or relationship standards. Having higher standards is going to help you get a healthier mind. Healthier mind always means a happier life. You better take your very first move immediately.