Starting Small in All Aspects of Life for a Better Life

We came to this world as a small human and we get bigger as time flies. So does the problem, it starts small then grows bigger if we don’t fix it quickly. Starting small is always a part of life. Many things in life can be faced and fixed by starting from small things.

How can you start from small things? You may keep saying this may not work. Well, you will never see if it works or not if you don’t try. If it ends up not working you can figure out some other ways. Or you may worry about what people think about you by starting from small things. What they think won’t murder you.

4 Things You Can Fix By Starting Small

Starting from a small thing will help you start your own business, start and keep a diet, fix the clutter, and even get out of your debt. Sure it is hard to start from the small things but nothing is easy in this world, especially if you don’t start earlier.

1. Start your business from small

If you have been working hard for years with the intent to start a new business, when will you start? There are things you must consider first such as:

  • The amount of money you will need to make in order to change the work situation. This part is much easier to calculate if you have no debt. You may have to work harder if you have debts to pay.
  • Write down the revenue streams and then see how you can get the money you need to start and grow that new business.
  • Start saving the money for that new business. Set aside your living expenses of 2 to 3 months in order to prepare you to start the new business. Don’t leave your job that has good pay to start a new business, that job can help you start and grow a good business.
  • Filter the ideas about your new business. There will be amazing ideas, crappy ideas, and life changing ideas. Filter them all and take only the amazing ones.

Building a small business while working as an employee may be tiring. But if you love that business, you will have enough motivation and energy to work and make the business grow. Your business may grow slowly but you will enjoy every process and feel the joy as you grow that business.

2. Get a better and healthier diet from small change

For example, if you want to stop eating all kinds of meat, you can’t make it happen overnight. Make small changes and you’ll figure out it is much easier to reach your goal. The small change you can make is like removing pork from your menu. Then next month you can stop eating beef.

Few months later remove the poultry from your recipes. Whether you are going to change the diet because of a health reason or another reason, starting small will help. If you drastically change the diet, you won’t enjoy it and end up cravings for more. Start small and enjoy the progress.

3. Set a clutter free home

Being clutter free cannot be achieved instantly. There are lots of steps you must take to keep your home free from clutter. Start by focusing on one box in the corner of a room, counter top, or the table top. Keep the bad stuff and good stuff you don’t need anymore.

Trash all the bad stuff and share the good ones to those who need. Then declare the clutter free space as the clutter free zone. Everything that touches the clutter free zone is going out of the house, whether to the trash or to the neighborhood.

Do your best to keep the clutter area. Then you can move on and start cleaning the other area. This is going to help you clean the clutter thoroughly instead of moving the clutter to another spot and then move it back to the old spot.

4.Get a life free from debt

Debt limits your movement and turns you to a slave: work hard just to pay the debt not to enjoy this life. To get a better life that is free from debt, you need a plan. There are some plans you can make to get a better life:

  • Prepare an emergency fund by saving a specific amount of money and not using that emergency fun. No matter how much money you will waste to pay off the debt there will be some backup if an emergency situation comes up.
  • Write down the entire debts you must pay, but skip the house payment since it cannot be skipped. Then keep up the entire monthly payments but consider starting small by paying the smallest one first. Some will tell you that you need to pay the one that has a high interest rate.

Still, paying from the smallest one is the best plan. Paying off that smallest debt will give you joy because you can accomplish it and get a new motivation to pay the bigger debt. Knock out the debt from the smallest one after another.

Your debt will not be gone overnight. But by starting from the smallest one you can appreciate every minute you spent to make the plan. When you are finally free from all your debts, you will appreciate everything you have done to give yourself a better and happier life.

Start Now and Enjoy the Results Earlier

Many people are too scared of starting small since they are scared of making changes. They may say it will take too long. Sure it is if you decide to start it in five years from now. You need to start making small changes immediately, right now if possible. Then you are going to see the result sooner.

If you figure out that you keep postponing it or you don’t want to do it, always imagine the results you will get. You don’t want to make those changes but you sure want the results. You need to get those results and start making the small change and all changes necessary to achieve them.