Wanting More Feeling Will Never Come Back If You Practice These 11 Simple Tips

The feeling of wanting more seems to be more and more haunting us when we start open and traveling on Instagram. We will see that every person on Instagram gets a perfect life and full of happiness along with spending their time doing something they like. It commonly makes you drawn deeper and deeper.

You spend day and night working and feel that your career just going nowhere but at the same time all the people look to get what they want. All you have to do is don’t trust everything on social media. It is because people usually only show the best moment they have but we never know what they already sacrifice.

11 Tips on Live Happily and Avoid Wanting More

If you now face the condition when you are seeing the lives of others is better than yours, the following tips will help you to be happy with what you already have.

1. Practice Happy Routine after Wake Up

Establish a good morning routine after you wake up by doing something you like or enjoy. You can listen to your favorite or enjoy some light and fun podcasts. If you prefer a quiet atmosphere, you can spend few minutes reading a book.

Avoid opening your smartphone since you commonly going straight to check social media or watching the news because it will overload your brain before even starting your activities.

2. Have a Social Media Detox

Social media is the real culprit behind your wanting more and more feelings. If you feel you already get addicted to social media or enjoy scrolling Instagram without skipping even a single day, perhaps it’s the right time for you to get a break and have a social media detox.

Leave your social media if it just makes you more miserable day by day. How to stay connected with your friends? Try other options like email or WhatsApp, at least it lowers your chance of envying other’s people life.

If you really cannot stop due to work or business reasons, it’s important to limit your time in using it. Unfollow people who tend to make you ungrateful and follow accounts that motivate you.

3. Be Happy on Small Things

Feeling unhappy with your life? Perhaps you need to look closely at small things surround you. Take a walk in the park and enjoy the small creature like bees and butterflies flying above beautiful flowers. Listen to the sounds of birds chirping in on a sunny morning.

Enjoy the breeze on your lazy chair whilst sipping a cup of coffee. Sometimes we forget to be grateful for small things because we don’t truly enjoy or pay attention to them.

4. Have Getaway on Weekend

Your daily life might be packed with works but you need to use weekends for a little getaway from your busy activities. If you don’t take a break you will burn out easily. It’s not always something big because sometimes cheering up with your friends is enough to re-energize yourself.

Go to the closest café with your partner or watching your favorite movie. You will feel something different that makes you happy feeling because it is effective enough to stop wanting more.

5. Appreciate Yourself during Weekdays

As your weekdays are full of works and activities, make sure to keep happy when doing them. You should appreciate yourself by doing something you like. For instance, as you commonly have lunch at your office cafeteria, you can try to go to the nearest restaurant once a week or stroll around the park after you work.

6. Get New Experience

When looking at something new, we often can’t hold ourselves to straightly buy it. But later, we realize that we actually don’t really need them. We like to waste money on something without thinking wisely about it. Now, change your habits by spending your money on something that gives you a new experience.

Pay for a course that can improve your leadership skill because there are many fun courses to join. If you like crafts, perhaps you can go to the craft room to learn new skills in crafting. This is more useful for your life.

7. Declutter Home

Too many things you buy often become such clutters in your home. As your home start to look disorganized, it affects your mind too. So, it’s time to move unnecessary things, have a clean home, and get better well-being. Make your home simpler and keep your life minimalist.

8. Mingling with Positive People

We always find people in our surroundings that make us down. If you realize that, it’s now your choice to move away and mingle with other people who support and give you positive vibes. Never feel guilty to make a limitation with toxic people since it is for your own good and keep your well-being positive too.

9. List Your Tasks

People typically keep wanting more because they don’t prioritize things in life. Create a list of the most important to the fewer things you want to do. It does not only make your life more organized but keeps your focus on your plan. Use the task manager app on your device to help checklist things you’ve done.

10. Keep Active with Exercise

Keep active physically and avoid social media exposure by doing regular exercise. Jogging few times a week or swimming at the weekend helps to keep your body fit. If you want to be healthier without going everywhere, you also can perform 15 to 30 minutes of exercise every day at home.

11. Stop Overthinking

Too much thinking, especially things that don’t happen will make you feel unhappy and less appreciating. When negative thoughts start coming to our mind, do other things that help us forget them such as by doing something funs like gardening or cycling. Meditation also works for some people to switch them off.

You still feel unhappy with what you have because you are more focused on others. Hence, if you want to live a good life and be grateful, you need to leave the sources of unhappiness and what always makes you wanting more.

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